International Ticket Sales Service
Redesign & Development
// 2020

About Project

Ticketim is an international ticket sales service!

Clients can purchase tickets and packages for events and performances abroad, tickets for football games and cultural events in Europe. English and Spanish football packages,

Champions League, performances throughout Europe, tickets to Barcelona, rock festivals in Europe, plays and musicals in London and on Broadway!


The task is a redesign and features update.

The main goal of the project is quick order of tickets of all international
events in one place.

According to the study, the main problem for customers is the difficult process of finding and buying tickets. Often, without receiving the necessary information in the first 20 seconds, users leave the site. Therefore, the main strategy is minimum actions – maximum results.


Minimum actions – Maximum results also can be interpreted as Quick response and Safety research.

This strategy includes a few main positions, such as accessibility, informativeness, minimalism, all in one place, and trust.
All this is showed in the design concept.

Design System

In design the main emphasis is blue.
As such the color blue is well suited to be used for websites involving and promoting business, technology, cleanliness, air, sky, water, safety, trust.

The site is used in many countries, so one of the principles of searching for fonts was to support as many languages as possible.


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