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We always strive to provide the “boutique” service to our clients of the highest quality.

Since 2007, Yozma.Tech team has recruited hundreds of talented Ukrainian developers that created innovative products for leading Israeli startups.

From recruiting skilled IT specialists in Ukraine, building the entire team for your startup from scratch, to comprehensive consulting services from top experts in Israel - everything for your business to succeed.

We are a family. Compete but protect your tribe. Help others without expecting a reward.

Curiosity and the relentless desire to explore is what makes humans evolve. We always support those who want to grow. Keep the end result in mind but enjoy the road.

Do your job in the best way possible, be open and flexible.

2 Developers + 1 Designer + 1 QA = How much?
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Tech Leaders

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Eitan Tveria Founder of ETV Tech and Consultation

How automation can save enterprises thousands of dollars, and what the biggest challenge of working with low-tech companies is. Meet one of the top experts within Yozma.Tech circles: Eitan Tveria. With 10 years in project management, the experience...

Nimrod Vromen CEO at YTech Runway

Living and breathing the Israeli high-tech community for the past decade :-) Specialties: representation of private technology companies and Israeli and foreign venture capital funds (hundreds of transactions over almost a decade); emphasizing on...

Daniel Lazdin CTO at Technology Consultant

Web development manager. More than 10 years of web development experience. Team leading and project management. Wide knowledge in internet technologies. Experience in eCommerce, SEO, and marketing. Specialties: Project management, software...

Ophir Bear Entrepreneur & Technology Enthusiast

Entrepreneur, technology enthusiast, leader, and strategist. Col. (Ret.) Ophir Bear is a mentor and advisor for various organizations in Israel and abroad, assisting senior leadership to overcome complex challenges – entrepreneurship, strategy,...

Leonid Remenik Experienced Product Leader

Experienced product leader, serial entrepreneur, technologist and educator. Founder and CEO of several startups. Previously a senior product manager for Microsoft BI and Predictive Analytics solutions, in his spare time Leon teaches...

Avishay Dado Global COO\CTO

Highly professional, creative CEO, Global CTO, VP R&D, Co-Founder and Director, with more than 15 years’ experience in managing successful departments and companies as well as turnovers of millions of dollars by using Development, Marketing and...

Guy mualem Technology consultant

Over 20 years of development and management experience, building scalable and secured web/mobile applications Significant experience in system analysis, project and product management Highly experienced in all the stages of software development,...

Tech Advisors Network

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Business Development and Representation in Japan

Speaker - Mentor - Radio Podcaster - Takes organizations on the Growth Path

משרד רואי חשבון | חוות דעת מומחה לבית משפט | הערכות שווי

Global Speaker. Cross-cultural Business Consultant, Remote Multi-cultural Team Builder

Business Development Manager at Atid EDI, Ltd Executive Director at IBG Global

UXD, Boutique for Product, UX & UI Services. Expert Witness.

Capital, Biz Dev & Marketing For Hi-tech companies and Startups

Director- Tel Aviv Chapter at Founder Institute


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Tech Lead in Lviv

As a Tech Lead you will have an important role in the development team, in addition to taking on a Senior part of the development efforts – you will help introduce and guide work methodologies, design patterns, and technologies, mentor and ramp up new developers, and be the go-to person in the areas you are an expert at.

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React Native Front-End Developer

Join our family in Lviv, grow and thrive with us! Work on an interesting project for a Gig economy startup from Israel. A big bonus for recommendation

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React JS Front_End Developer

The project is in the sphere of the gig economy. The founders are well-experienced entrepreneurs from the USA and Israel.

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