The greatest asset of a company is its people...

J.P. Lemann.

In Hebrew, the word Yozma stands for initiative and the urge to take action towards achievement. For more than a decade, YozmaTech has positioned itself as a leading outsourcing center for software development and IT solutions for some of the top-notch tech companies and startups in Israel.

Our Vision


We strive to provide cost-efficient and high-quality tech professionals to help entrepreneurs change the world. Through years of experience, in the fields of HR and IT transformation, we bring a cutting-edge combination between the "Startup Nation" management cultures and Ukrainian's most excellent tech professionals to get the best of both worlds.

We can provide the following costume made solutions that will fit your goals and budget:
  • Agile project management solutions that save time and valuable resources.
  • Outsourcing and recruitment services, focusing on high-demand IT positions.
  • Advanced software development services.
  • OMI channel technological consultancy.

Our Team

We highly invest in our employees as we encourage them to learn and build themselves as leaders in their expertise. By working with some of the best tech companies for more than 12 years, we have accumulated valuable experience, the necessary connections, and the know-how in outsourcing professional IT experts for startups and high-tech companies worldwide.


team members in Ukraine


team members in Israel


Our Assets

Here are the top three significant assets that enable us to bring even more added value for our partners:

  • Our vast connections in the fields of HR and IT.
  • As we keep up to speed with all the latest trends that can help your organization become more agile and efficient, we live and breathe technology.
  • The Yozma-circle is an exclusive community of industry thought leaders who share their knowledge and connections to help entrepreneurs in their journey. By working with Yozma, you have direct access to some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Our Advantages

  • Western business culture with European standards.
  • Full transparency, so you will know where you spend every dollar.
  • Cost-effective and non-compromising quality assurance.
  • The benefit of both technological and HR expertise.
  • A proactive approach alongside with high-speed response time.
  • Flexible business models to meet up with any specific needs.
  • Direct and exclusive access to Yozma-circle of business connections and experts.

Working process

We've designed a simple onboarding process where we first understand your technological requirements. By doing so, we can then suggest the best and most agile development approach. Once we find the right solution for your needs, we can start building a dedicated team around your project with time-framed KPI's.


If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a line, and we will get back to you shortly.

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