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Who We Are and What We Do

We live and breathe technology, as we keep up to speed with all the latest trends that can help your organization become more agile and efficient.
For more than a decade, YozmaTech has positioned itself as a leading outsourcing center for software development and IT solutions for some of the top-notch tech companies and startups in Israel.

We provide cost-efficient and high-quality tech professionals to help entrepreneurs in their journey of changing the world.
Through years of experience, in the fields of HR and IT transformation, we bring an innovative combination between the “Startup Nation” management cultures together with Ukrainian’s finest tech professionals, so that you will get the best of both worlds.

We have designed a simple onboarding process where we start with understanding your technological requirements. By doing so, we can then suggest the best and most agile development approach.
By working with some of the best tech companies, we have accumulated valuable experience, the necessary connections and the knowledge in outsourcing professional IT experts for startups and high-tech companies around the globe.

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